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What To Consider When Making A Poetry Video Course

Let’s talk video courses on Youtube.

It's not really about how many views an episode or longer video gets.

The real power comes in afterwards, where you can cut it up.

If you make, like, a 10-minute video course and you put that on YouTube, well, you can also cut that up into a one-minute video, or a 30-second video or a bunch of reels.

Maybe your strategy isn’t content for Youtube. You may be thinking, no, I want to be trying to get people onto my site, onto my own platform. I want them to see that content there.

Well, in that case, then maybe it's best to host your course on your own website. There's other platforms too, like there's, like, Teachable, there's Skillshare, there’s Kajabi? Kajabi is a really big one, not necessarily the cheapest. So this is an investment.

The other thing too is that if you put it on your own website, you have more control over the pricing, however you want to do it. If you have multiple courses, it can be really helpful to make one of them free. I'll talk about a strategy, for instance, I have with my main business, my teaching business.

So I have several video courses, and my most popular video course, maybe not surprisingly, is free. It's also kind of my foundational course, so it introduces some key concepts that I'm doing in terms of my instruction that no one else is doing, and I'm giving that one away for free. It wasn't always free, but the minute I changed it, I had so many more people going in, purchasing it, and then they're also accessing, you know, additional resources, things through my YouTube channel as well and giving me their email with consent.

So the fact that it's free isn't necessarily something I think is hurting what I'm doing. It's getting more people familiar with my concepts for teaching, which are different than a lot of other people. So it's just trade-offs, you know. Free is not a death sentence when it comes to what you're able to offer.

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