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This Will Kill Your Poetry Open Mic

We had some hurdles with our original open mic that were a bit too difficult for us to overcome.

So the original open mic we had was on a Tuesday. 8:00, 9:00PM on a Tuesday is a tricky time — putting kids to bed, getting a break from work, family time, getting ready for Wednesday.

Location was also a challenge. We’re located on the West side, and this side of Columbus artistically doesn’t have the same sorts of events happening that occur in other parts of the city.

This is an opportunity for us to develop it, which is exciting, but it also takes a long time to train people that aren’t used to it. It’s also not a part of town that people venture to from other areas of the city, so there’s this unfamiliarity factor.

If you’re starting your own, consider times when people are looking for entertainment, where poetry could be that thing.

So, Fridays, Saturdays, weekends.

Consider also how it’s so hard to break into people’s routines. When starting a regular event, people already have their things that they’re doing, and anytime you introduce something new, you’re asking people to get out of something that they’ve already established.

Even as we’re preparing for season two of our open mic, and even as we’re picking Fridays, there are still challenges with time. It’s harder to get people to leave their homes for the winter months we’re entering right now. We’re in Ohio. It’s cold today: it was like 20 degrees. It’s dark. It’s gray. It’s going to be like this until May.

There are always going to be obstacles;

identifying them as best as possible beforehand can help you set expectations, determine what success looks like, and move forward.

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