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Don't Let Everyone Into Your Poetry Course

When you create a poetry course, whether in-person or online, set a cap of how many people you want to be there. This is a suggestion adapted from Daniel Priestley.

So, 'Okay, I'm gonna make this video course, and my goal is I'm only going to make this video course available for 10 people.'

And I know that sounds very counter-intuitive, too, because, you may be thinking, 'No, I want people to keep coming to it.'

But when you're doing your initial launch, you want to keep it small because people buy under three situations: they're buying based on logic, but they're also buying based on emotion, and they're also buying based on urgency.

And if you're missing just one of those concepts, it's going to be very difficult for your product to do well. So, this is why we need some sort of constraint. So, for instance, by limiting the size, you're adding an urgency component.

Another thing that you can set up, for instance, a time frame. 'Okay, we're closing at this time, so we need five people to sign up by the end of next month.'

You see a combination of these approaches with Nike or Apple; when a new product launches, pay attention to the narrative they use. The supply is limited. They won’t be able to meet demand. So, you have this sense of urgency because you're going to be one of only this many people that are able to get it. This even while you're thinking to yourself, 'Man, do I need this?'

When Apple releases the Apple Vision Pro or whatever, one of the things you're going to see is they're not going to have hundreds of thousands of units available because no one will buy it because there's too many. It’s also so new that no one understands how it works; there's too many doubts about this. In fact, other companies have already tried this sort of product before, and not done well. So, what you're going to see is Apple saying “we only have 10,000 units worldwide.” This happens despite the fact they have the billions of dollars and infrastructure to create many more.

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