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This Amount Is More Important Than How Many Books You Sell

When marketing your writing, it’s not about the sale.

I've been doing a lot of listening to a marketer named Daniel Priestley, who has a book called Oversubscribed. One of the things he's really talking about is when he's focused on trying to reach an audience, marketing to an audience, it's not about the sale. That he's not worried about that.

Instead, he's looking for signals from people. This comes in the form of interest, engagement, especially the type is visible to others. The more people detect that other people are also interested in what you're offering, the more they want it.

A market itself can create want or intrigue from people. Even if I'm like, 'Man, I wouldn't necessarily be interested in this,' it's like other people are interested in it. That's actually what happens in a lot of movies, right? In movies, you have companies that will pay, you know, millions and millions of dollars to have their product well-represented in the movie.

An easy example is Transformers and the cars. More recently, the Barbie movie was like a two-hour commercial. She has this pair of high heels, and it's a pair of Birkenstocks, and then I, as soon as I saw it, I was like, there's a product. There’s an integrated product that's going to happen. The day after Barbie, came out, those shoes suddenly cost $500 a pair. It's people who saw that the main character of this movie wanted those. It's also, like, what this thing represents. Because now you assign all this meaning to this thing, which, again, is how commercials work.

A lot is tied to identity, because when you're buying something, you buy something because you're, like, I am someone who does this thing. There is often a group identity to this. Again, Daniel Priestley is talking about, hey, we're not marketing to people, we're marketing for signals, we're not worried about the sale, we're just trying to see interest and get people engaged in interacting.

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