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Your Writing Helps Someone Do Something

There's a guy named David Shands. He's on the Social Proof Podcast. If you guys like business talk, that's the podcast you might enjoy.

When he's working with new clients, he has one framework he works with:

I help ___ to _____ by ____

If you can answer this question or fill in this sentence, it can kind of help direct you to work.

You don't determine the value of your work; other people do because it depends on what they need. Whatever that value is, it's always going to be the most important thing because you are serving them.

I'll use us as an example for I help ___ to _____ by ____ So, diVerses, professional poetry development for underrepresented voices, right?

We help underrepresented voices develop their writing in a professional way, to elevate their writing and also their business acumen.

How do we do this? We host workshops. We have a podcast. And we are primarily our YouTube channel and the videos we produce for that. Again:

I help underrepresented voices to develop their writing in a professional way by holding workshops, videos, and podcasts on topics they need to grow.

What would your answer to that question be? You help who to what by what?

If you can answer that question, you have an idea of what you're actually serving and what your platform is.

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