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What Value Does Your Writing Have?

Value can come in the form of something entertaining. It can be valuable, taking people into a different mindset.

There's value in education and in establishing a connection with others. It's not just about your poem being the greatest work of art ever. It's about how you position yourself to get people who will find value in your poem.

One thing I see with writers is that sometimes they put their books out into the world, but no one buys them. They might resort to contests, paying $25 each, just to try to win.

Why is that? Well, you see people who don't have an audience, and there's a fear that no one will appreciate their work.

But I think there's often an entitlement that comes with writing. People might think, "Hey, my writing deserves an audience," but that's not always the case. Just because you put a lot of time and effort into your work and found value in it doesn't mean it will be valuable to others.

One of the things we need to discuss is that many people believe the work itself is enough to attract an audience. Creating something you think is your life's work or your best poem is great, but now it's out there, and it needs to find its place. The work doesn't stop with the work.

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