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More Interactions = More Readers

When it comes to value and when people buy something, they make a purchase when they feel that what they receive in return is greater than what they're paying for.

Even if it's like a perfect 50-50, that's not enough. You have to feel like you're getting just a little bit more than the price.

How does this connect to community building? We've discussed this aspect before. People tend to be put off when posts mention the word 'free.' However, some form of recurring free event can be extremely helpful.

A recurring free event is valuable for establishing yourself as an authority. When it's tailored to something you're an expert in, it helps you demonstrate that 'Yes, I know this; this is what I do.’

So, how does this work? More interactions with a person make them more likely to want to continue interacting with you. And if people see you in different settings, like Facebook, Instagram, a meeting in person, for example, it increases the chances of interaction in the future. You're getting people used to seeing you in various places, and you're offering them value.

One suggestion we could explore further is event creation. I want to conduct more research on event creation, but one key aspect is setting limitations. For instance, limiting the event's size. We are limited to six attendees. A key point here is to aim for five to ten times the number of interested attendees, versus the number of people you actually have space for, creating that sense of tension.

Consider how you can create a regular, recurring event—be it weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly. I wouldn't recommend going beyond quarterly. It should be based around something you're interested in, where you can provide value and introduce people to your work.

I also appreciate the idea of limiting the number of people with immediate access to something, as it can increase the appeal. If something feels overly accessible, it might not hold the same allure. See the full video:

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