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Everyone Is Not Your Readership

There's a concept in marketing I got from Seth Godin called the smallest viable market.

When we're making a video course, it is really important to be thinking about the audience as well, because you are not making your course for everybody. No one's going to buy that. We need to target something really specific.

If we were making a course titled, 'Poetry for Stand-up Comics' or something like that, well, now we have a specific market. Who's our market? We're targeting people that are interested in doing stand-up comedy and incorporating some poetry elements into it. So now we have someone really specific.

You could even try to narrow that even more, you know, you could focus on, like, clean stand-up comics or you could focus on stand-up comics that are focused on family. The more you can narrow in on this, the more you can target the specific people that you have in mind and the more you can get their attention.

I would ask myself, who are the 10 people that I could see that would benefit. I need to visualize and know everything about them--what's individual to them.

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