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Becoming Your Reader's Authority

Finding your niche and specific focus is vital. For example, on our platform, we focus on professional poetry development for underrepresented voices. This specialization helps us become authorities in this area. Becoming a "key person of influence", a term given by Daniel Priestley, means knowing your unique skill set and the value you can provide to others.

It's not about just being a poet; it's about honing in on a specific niche that separates you from the crowd.

You don't need to appeal to everyone. The more you can narrow and specify your audience, the more you can become an authority in that space. Even if your work has a specific focus, other people can still find and resonate with it. So, don't be afraid to narrow your audience to serve a particular group effectively.

Honing in on a specific niche doesn't mean other audiences won't find your work interesting or relevant. You can still attract different audiences, even if you're not directly targeting them.

Establishing yourself as an authority involves creating a book or publication, not just to have a book out there, but as a credential to showcase your expertise. This can help you secure speaking gigs or other opportunities in your field.

In summary, finding your specific niche, honing in on your unique skills, and creating a book as a credential can help you establish yourself as an authority in your field. These principles apply to various interests, not just writing. See the full video:

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