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Poet Business Institute

poetry to sustain poets
creatively and professionally

Weekly Poetry Craft Talk & Workshop
on writing and business in Columbus, Ohio

Thursdays / 6:30PM-8PM / Hilltop Library
Starting August 15th





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I was challenged, encouraged, and revitalized! It was all I could've hoped for and more!

I came into the workshop really nervous that I wouldn't be able to keep up or be able to produce anything. [It] helped me (re)navigate why I'm doing this and helped rekindle a love for reading poetry.​​

I would definitely recommend this workshop to poets who are further in their career as poets. This workshop is definitely not for poets who "dabble" in the art. I truly appreciate the more advanced approach in the workshop.

No matter what level you think you are in poetry, you will walk away with a wealth of information and invaluable connections.

It was a huge learning opportunity because the host, Geoff, was very knowledgeable in both poetry and the business aspect of being a poet.


What is Poet Business Institute?

We are a small group of poets that meets once weekly for 90 minutes to discuss poetry craft, edit poems, and elements of business to find strategies to treat our work as creative expression for ourselves and a tool to solve pain points for others

How much is Poet Business Institute?

The Poet Business Institute Thursday session is free

What happens in Poet Business Institute?

We meet once a week to discuss poetry editing, craft points, reading analysis, and business strategy, with topics shifting every week. Assignments to consider for the following week are also given to ensure members leave with practical next steps

Why join Poet Business Institute?

Members receive conversations around poetry craft and business that are not held elsewhere in Columbus, Ohio on a regular, consistent basis.

Who should join Poet Business Institute?

Poets looking to create new work while also seeking to find professional, paid opportunities through poetry that they are willing to identify and create

How do I register to join?

Sessions are free and open to join. Please note that they will be recorded and by attending, you are giving diVERSES permission to use your likeness should it appear on video. 

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